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Earth-Intimacy Guidance Session


Using animism as a framework, these sessions will address the collective (Western) trauma of Earth-separation in a practical way, providing tools, resources, and practices to support connecting with the senses, identifying earth allies, creating ritual, cultivating relational ethics, expressing grief, and building earth-intimacy. We will support the process of undoing generations-old cultural conditioning around Earth- and Spirit-disconnection—helping to heal the wounds caused by unhealthy, disconnected culture—and establish practices for living in a healthier, more balanced relationship with the thinking mind, which can often obstruct non-conceptual forms of connection. That said, these sessions may be supportive for you if you have a heart-level respect and reverence for earth-honoring culture and values, and are looking to bring these values into your own life. As with other sessions, my prayer is that these sessions be organic, collaborative, lightly structured, and mostly intuitive; we will cater to your interests and what you respond well to over time.

60 min / $99


*I will never turn down clients for lack of funds. If you need additional financial support for these offerings, feel free to reach out and I am happy to offer services at a discounted rate that meets your needs.

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