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Ayahuasca Integration Session

My organic approach to integration addresses the significance of relational ethics, energetic boundaries, building community, rooting in your prayer, honoring sensitivity, attuning to the body, healthy thinking, languaging experiences, and tending intentions. As a resource, I will also help you practice divine recognition, ease into a more gentle, sustained sacred remembrance of your innate gifts and power, and move gracefully (over time) from a place of insight to a place of embodiment. From holding a safe container for processing, to providing guidance in the form of meditations and visualization practices, and offering cultural-, animist-, and psycho-education frameworks of support, what’s most important for me is that you develop a strong, healthy, supportive relationship with the plant(s) with whom you work—a relationship of safety, integrity, wonder, and possibility. 

70 min / $129



*I am not a trauma therapist. In the case that there is a need for more support, I will refer you to a trained, specialized therapist.

**I will never turn down clients for lack of funds. If you need additional financial support for these offerings, feel free to reach out and I am happy to offer services at a discounted rate that meets your needs.

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